Welcome to a Whole New Way of Being Well.


What if wellness were nourishing, fun, engaging, co-created, miraculous, always a surprise and rejuvenating, brought out the very best in you and your family and relationships?

There's something very healing about being close to the ocean and mountains...nature's oasis and healing remedies.  Surviving long past the tests of time our bodies are designed to respond to our environments, internal and external.  What if thriving were a collaborative effort, not just with other human beings but with all energetic beings seen and unseen?

When we're in fear our natural healing abilities shut down and we go into survival mode.  Our heart and compassion shut down and we're thinking short term, willing to sacrifice parts of us and relationships can suffer.  When we're in survival mode every day, our immune system and energy reserves are depleted and we never truly rest. 

When we're in love the opposite occurs.  Our natural healing ability thrives, we're more aware of our resources and possibilities emerge from our talents.  We're resourceful, adored, magnetic and emanate well being.  We're here to bring wellness home for you and your family.  What else is possible?  What would you love? 

Welcome to Living LOVE,  Light Organizing Vibrational Energy and Higher Vibrational Living with Pure Wellness Intl.  Founded by Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra, DC, we are a collaboration of individuals, businesses and communities committing to empower families to be healthy and financially free.  

Pure Wellness Intl. empowers families to share and collaborate in raising our collective vibration by being well, feeling connected, being grateful and loving our way into our new self and new world.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area...

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area...

And set in pristine healing sanctuaries around the world...

And set in pristine healing sanctuaries around the world...


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